Anatomy Mcqs Part -4

Anatomy Mcqs Part -4

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1. The upper respiratory tract includes:


2. The lower respiratory tract includes:


3. In the superior nasal meatus opens:


4. In the middle nasal meatus opens:


5. The connection of the inferior horn of the thyroid cartilage to the cricoid cartilage is:


6. Conus elasticus of the larynx is formed by:


7. Movement are in the crico-arytenoid joint:


8. Bifurcation of the trachea is located at:


9. Elements of the root of the right lung from superiorly to inferiorly:


10. Elements of the root of the left lung from superiorly to inferiorly:


11. Structural and functional unit of lung is:


12. Segmental bronchus is:


13. Following arteries blood supply lungs before respiratory alveoli:


14. Organ of the anterior mediastinum is:


15. The anterior position in the renal pedicle is:


16. The shells of kidneys  include:


17. The kidneys are covered by peritoneum:


18. Formation of primary urine (filtering) occurs in the following part of nephron:


19. Primary urine reabsorption doesn’t occur in the following part of nephron:


20. The ureter is covered by peritoneum


21. Pelvic narrowing of the ureter is located:


22. Full urinary bladder is covered by peritoneum:


23. Derivative of peritoneum is the following tunic of testis:


24. Ejaculatory duct is formed by the confluence of:


25. The ovary is covered by peritoneum:


26. Adnexa of uterus include:


27. The uterus is covered by peritoneum:


28. Uterine tube is covered by peritoneum:


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