Hygiene Final Mcqs 2022-23

Hygiene Final Mcqs 2022-23

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1. The best-known type of hospital, which is set up to deal with many kinds of diseases and injuries, is:


2. Medical waste that has the possibility of causing infections in humans is called:


3. Type of hospital, which may exist in form of trauma centers, rehabilitation hospitals, children’s hospitals, seniors’ (geriatric) hospitals, and hospitals for dealing with specific medical needs such as psychiatric problems, certain disease categories such as cardiac, oncology, and so forth, is:


4. A hospital is typically the major health care facility in the region, with large numbers of beds for intensive care and long-term care is:




5. Medical waste, which is no different from general household or office waste, and includes paper, plastics, liquids and any other materials is called:


6. The type of HAIs transmission way through the introduction of infected blood products, isotonic solutions and other drugs is:


7. The type of HAIs transmission through milk, drinking solutions, food, is:


8. The prevalence of Health care-associated infections in high-income countries is on average:


9. Sharp biomedical wastes should be disposed in color bag (according to rules 2016):


10. Human anatomical waste is put in (according to rules 1998):



11. Human Anatomical Waste and Animal Anatomical Waste according to the rules 2016 belong to the following category:


12. Wastes generated from disposable items such as tubing, bottles, intravenous tubes and sets, catheters, urine bags, syringes without needles according to the rules 2016 belong to the following category:


13. Equipment uses steam and pressure to sterilize waste or reduce its microbiological load to a level where it can be safely disposed of is called:


14. Equipment for making medical waste unrecognizable is:


15. Number of beds in Postnatal unit where mother and baby stay together are :


16. Epidemiological task of the hospital emergency room is:


17. No windows for ventilation in:


18. Medical staff gets to operating block through:


19. Noncontact washbasins should be in:


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