Anatomy MCQs Part -6

Anatomy MCQs Part -6

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1. First pair of cranial nerves is:


2. Optic nerve contains the following types of neural fibers:


3. Hypoglossal nerve innervates:


4. Oculomotor group of cranial nerves does not include:


5. II pair of cranial nerves:


6. Conductor composition of trochlear nerve is:


7. Abdusens nerve innervates:


8. Muscle is innervated by trochlear nerve:


9. Muscle is innervated by abdusens nerve


10. Trochlear nerve innervates:


11. Fibers of the trigeminal nerve are:


12. It is not a branch of the ophthalmic nerve:


13. Masticatory muscles are innervated by:


14. Derivatives of the first branchial arc are innervated by :


15. Derivatives of the second branchial arc are innervated by:


16. Facial muscles are innervated by:


17. Conductor composition of the glossopharyngeal nerve includes:


18. Sensitive ganglia of V, VII, IX, X cranial nerves include:


19. Conductor composition of the vagus nerve includes:


20. Accessory nerve contains following types of the fibers:


21. Hypoglossal nerve has following types of the fibers:


22. Amount of spinal nerves in humans:


23. Trunk of the spinal nerve is formed by:


24. Functionally posterior root of spinal nerve is:


25. Functionally anterior root of spinal nerve is:


26. Parasympathetic conductors are in the anterior roots of  following spinal nerves:


27. Sympathetic conductors are part of the anterior roots of following spinal nerves:


28. Motor conductors are part of the anterior roots of following spinal nerves:


29. Only motor conductors are contained in the anterior roots of following spinal nerves:


30. Cutaneous branches of the spinal nerves contain:


31. All plexuses of spinal nerves are formed by:


32. Cervical plexus is formed by anterior rami of spinal nerves:


33. Muscular branches of spinal nerves contain:


34. Mixed nerve of the cervical plexus is:


35. Brachial plexus is formed by the anterior branches of spinal nerves:


36. Deltoid muscle and shoulder joint is innervated by:


37. Long thoracic nerve innervates:


38. Radial nerve innervates:


39. Anterior group of muscles of the forearm is innervated by:


40. Radial nerve passes through:


41. Following nerve passes through the inguinal canal:


42. Through the muscular lacuna passes:


43. Medial group of the thigh muscles mainly is innervated by:


44. Femoral nerve primarily innervates:


45. Anterior group of muscles of the crus is innervated by:


46. Lateral group of muscles of the crus is innervated by:


47. Nucleus of Yakubovich is:


48. Dorsal nucleus of the vagus nerve is


49. Sympathetic centers are located in the following department of the central nervous system:


50. Parasympathetic conductors are composed of:


51. Parasympathetic innervation of the pelvic organs is from:


52. Pterygopalatine ganglion receives preganglionar conductors from:


53. Parasympathetic ganglion is:


54. Lateral intermediate nucleus of gray matter of the spinal cord is located in the:


55. Which autonomic ganglia are from X pair?


56. Conductors of intermediate nerve originate from:


57. Gray connective branches of the sympathetic conductors are directed to:


58. White connective branches contain:


59. Celiac (solar) plexus innervates:


60. Gray connective branches contain:


61. Solar plexus innervates the organs of:


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