Anatomy MCQs Part -7

Anatomy MCQs Part -7

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1. Olfactory region is located in the mucous membrane of:


2. Cortical end of the olfactory analyzer is located:


3. Cortical end of the auditory analyzer is:


4. Round and oval windows are located at:


5. Tympanic cavity is separated from the internal carotid artery by:


6. Part  of the fibrous tunic of the eyeball is:


7.  Part of the vascular part of the eyeball is:


8. The largest concentration of the cones is located:


9. Fontana’s space is located:


10. Cortical end of the visual analyzer is located:


11. Coronary arteries of the heart originate from:


12. Vessel emerging from the right ventricle


13. Lesser (pulmonary) circulation ends by the:


14. Blood in the left atrium is given from:


15. Systematic (body) circulation begins as:


16. Vessel is from  the left ventricle:


17. Systematic circulation ends as:


18. Pulmonary circulation begins:


19. Epicardium is:


20. Amount of layers of the myocardium in the atrium’s wall:


21. Layer of the myocardium which is common to both atria:


22. Amount of layers of the myocardium in the ventricle’s wall:


23. Internal layer of the wall of the heart is:


24. Pulmonary circulation begins by the:


25. Following chamber  has largest thickness of the myocardium:


26. Oval fossa is better determined:


27. In the right atrioventricular opening is located:


28. In the left atrioventricular opening is located:


29. Terminal branch of the right coronary artery is:


30. Main branches of the left coronary artery are:


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