Path Anatomy Mcqs Female Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System

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1. TERM INTERNAL “adenomyosis” means


2. Physiological proliferative changes in the endometrium


3. LAYERS endometrial a mature woman


4. PHASE ovarian-menstrual cycle in childbearing years


5. Diffuse desquamation glandular epithelium with hemorrhagic infiltration of the stroma observed at




7. The characteristics of the true cervical erosion


8. Histological features of atypical endometrial hyperplasia


9. The more common ovarian tumors


10. Epithelial ovarian tumors


11. Stomach cancer metastases in the ovary


12. FREQUENTLY histological forms of cancer endometrial


13. The basic theory of endometriosis


14. Cyst at the endometriosis


15. Benign tumors of the corpus uteri


16. Endometrial cancer T4, ACCORDING TNM system


17. The most common tubal pathology


18. Benign breast disease


19. SELECT invasive forms of breast cancer:


20. What is Paget’s disease:


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