Path Anatomy Mcqs Lesson 8

Path Anatomy Mcqs Lesson 8

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1. Signs of acute lymphoblastic leukemia



2. Clue cells in lymphoid tissues IN lymphogranulomatosis


3. Morphological changes lymph nodes in lymphogranulomatosis


4. Characteristic signs of chronic myeloid leukemia


5. Bence-Jones protein was detected in the urine at


6. spleen weight increase greatly the in leukemia


7. The features typical of Burkitt’s lymphoma


8. TYPE lymphogranulomatosis with the most unfavorable prognosis


9. Do not look at treatment with cytostatics leukemic infiltrates STORED IN


10. Anemia characterizes




12. Bone marrow involvement lymphoma


13. Causes of nutritional iron deficiency anemia


14. The cause of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant and nursing mothers


15. CAUSE hemolytic anemia


16. In chronic leukemia is more characteristic


17. The forms of leukemia in children, with a favorable prognosis


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