Menstrual Cycle female Reproductive System

Menstrual Cycle and female Reproductive System

Menstrual Cycle: The reproductive cycle in the female primate(Example-Monkeys, apes and human being) is called mensuration cycle .जब किसी महिला को पहली बार Menstrual Cycle होता है उसे menarche कहा जाता है ।

मानव female मे लगभग  menstrual cycle 28 या 29 दिन का होता है । menstruation पहली बार जब शुरू होता है और जब समाप्त हो जाता है  उसके अगले एक महिना बाद फिर दुबारा शुरू होता है उसे mensuration cycle कहते है ।

Menstrual Cycle क्यो होता है ?

जब मानव महिला को Menstrual Cycle आरंभ हो जाता है तो प्रति महिना उसके Ovary से  Egg Release करना शुरू हो जाता है । जब वह Egg Fallopian tube से uterine cavity जाते समय Human (Male) के sperm से संपर्क नही होता ।

Menstrual Cycle
Menstrual Cycle

जिसके कारण Human Female के egg से Fertilization नही हो पाता। जिसके कारण Egg (Corpus liteum) जो 28 दिन तक जाते जाते shrink करके एक White Structure मे change हो जाता है ।जिसको corpus albicans कहते है । यही कारण है की फिर अगले महीने Menstrual Cycle होता है ।

Menstrual Cycle  कब नही होगा ?

जब मानव महिला को Menstrual Cycle आरंभ हो जाता है तो प्रति महिना उसके Ovary से  Egg Release करना शुरू हो जाता है । जब वह Egg Fallopian tube से uterine cavity जाते समय Human (Male) के sperm से संपर्क होता जाता है ।

उस समय Egg Fertilize करके Zygote का Formation हो जाता है । जिसके बाद आगे की Implantation शुरू हो जाता है । इसमे Hormone का भी रोल होता है जो नीचे Details मे जानेगे ।

  • In case after child Birth and Mother Breast Feed of baby than 6 month not will mensuration because of Mother Mammary gland Milk produce that time Prolactin hormone lable is increased .Prolactin hormone decrease to Estrogen hormone . In one word is called  Lactational amenorrhea.

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Important Point 

  • Female Reproductive System is known as organ Ovaries,along with a pair of oviduct,uterus,cervix,vagina and the external genitalia located in pelvic region.
  • Egg is not fertilize during ovulation is called Safe Period.or In other word-Minimum Chance of egg Fertilization
  • Unborn baby embryo development/growth is Known as fetus .
  • 12 week or 3 Month are Known as first trimester.
  • 24 week or 6 month are Known as second trimester.
  • Being of Period after 14 day is known as Ovulation (as a End of Follicular Phase ).
  • Mensuration Cycle short name is also known as MC.
  • If Egg is not fertilize with Sperm than become in 28 day period blood clots. is Known as corpus albicans.
  • “No Period No Pregnancy”because Egg is not Release therefore Egg in not Fertilize with Sperm.

Details in Mensuration Cycle

The mensuration cycle start from Oogenesis . It is cyclic change in reproductive track in primate female (Example-Monkeys,apes and human being).The first starting mensuration is called menarche. 

Menopause or Climatic complete stop or cessation of mensuration cycle as the age of 45 to 50 year.

Mensuration cycle is required by FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone) ,LH ,Estrogen and Progesterone .Ii is about human female 28 days into three phase –

  • Mensuration Phase : 1 -5 days
  • Follicular Phase :5 -14 days
  • Luteal Phase or Secretory Phase :15 -28 days
Menstrual Cycle
Menstrual Cycle

LH and FSH(Follicle-stimulating hormone) increase Gradually in follicles phase and an eaten pic at end of follicular phase (Mid of Menstrual  cycle 14 days).It case Ovulation .

Ovulation due to sudden LH Surge (Increased).Corpus liteum secret progesterone and estrogen. Progesterone is Required for growth of endometrium or implantation and events of pregnancy.

During pregnancy all event of Menstrual cycle is stop and No mensuration.

Important Note :

  • Follicle Grow Estrogen Hormone
  • if after two month before of pregnancy Ovary (Fetus Grow) is remove Progesterone given stop . but remove ovary after two month of pregnancy Progesterone required will have complete from placenta progesterone.

Pregnancy Symptom

  • Menstrual Cycle stop or Missed Period
  • Breast Size Increasing
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • An increase in progesterone
  • etc and also lab Test


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1. Which hormone suddenly causes ovulation?


2. Follicle Grow Hormone Name is ?


3. If ovaries are removed after 2 months of the fetus growth, then progesterone will be found ?


4. Which hormone release will not cause mensuration ?


5. 1 to 4 days Known as Duration ?


6. How many days mensuration phase called ?


7. Which of the following is called mensuration phase ?


8. what is the second name of Follicular Phase ?


9. If Egg is not fertilize with Sperm than become in 28 day period blood clots. is Known as ?


10. At what age does menstruation stop forever and what is it called ?


11. How much Each Fallopian tube is about long in cm ?


12. Endometrium ,Myometrium and Perimetrium is layer of  tissue ?


13. Which hormones will be released, then there will be no mensuration ?


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