Oogenisis before Ovulation Process

Oogenisis before Ovulation Process

Oogenisis is Process of mature ovum .It is start during fetal life.Million of mother germ cell (Oogonia) develop in fetus.

No any Oogonia are develop after birth .Oogonia divided by mitotic division from primary oocyte. It is associated with granulosa cell from primary follicles.

After birth up to puberty is large no of primary follicles degenerated about 60,000 to 80,000 primary follicles left in each ovary.


Primary follicles now associated with theca layer to from secondary follicles .Theca layer differentiated into theca Externa(outer)  and theca interna (inner) .Theca interna secret Estrogen.

Secondary follicles change into tertiary follicles. It is characteristic by fluid filled cavity called antrum .

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Primary oocyte or tertiary  follicles in large in size and become mature primary oocyte.Now undergoes mitotic first division to produce secondary oocyte small polar first body.

It is unequal division. By the influence of Estrogen and FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone). from Pituitary .Tertiary follicles transform into Graafian follicles.

Now secondary oocyte of Graafian follicles form a new membrane is called zona pellucida .Graafian follicles release secondary oocyte by the process called Ovulation.

Multiple Choice Questions

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1. Which hormone suddenly causes ovulation?


2. Follicle Grow Hormone Name is ?


3. If ovaries are removed after 2 months of the fetus growth, then progesterone will be found ?


4. Which hormone release will not cause mensuration ?


5. 1 to 4 days Known as Duration ?


6. How many days mensuration phase called ?


7. Which of the following is called mensuration phase ?


8. what is the second name of Follicular Phase ?


9. If Egg is not fertilize with Sperm than become in 28 day period blood clots. is Known as ?


10. At what age does menstruation stop forever and what is it called ?


11. How much Each Fallopian tube is about long in cm ?


12. Endometrium ,Myometrium and Perimetrium is layer of  tissue ?


13. Which hormones will be released, then there will be no mensuration ?


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