Skeletal System Endoskeleton and Cartilage

Skeletal System Endoskeleton and Cartilage

Skeletal System- Endoskeleton consist of bone and Cartilage का बना बना होता है । आज इस Article के माध्यम से मानव शरीर मे कितना bone होता है और किस Part मे कितना -कितना  Bone होता है ।

इसके बारे मे विस्तृत से जानेगे । जिसके बाद आप को मानव शरीर मे कितना Bone होता आप ये अच्छे से जान पाएगे । साथ मे किस Part मे कितना Bone होता है । और उसका Short मे क्या कार्य या Support है ।

Skeleton System Function of human being 

  1. Skeleton System provide surface for muscles attachment.
  2. It form Structural framework of the Body.
  3. It is Stored minerals and fats.
  4. Provide site for blood cell formation.
  5. Protect visceral organ Like -Lung
  6. Help in breathing and sound conduction.
Skeletal System
Skeletal System

How many bone in human being

Human being embryonic Endoskeleton 270 bone but in adult only 206 bone visual. Endoskeleton are divided into two part

मानव शरीर मे जब बच्चा (गर्व) मे होता है उस समय 270 total Bone होता है । लेकिन जब वो जन्म ले लेता है और उसके बाद जब वो adult age मे आता है total bone 206 हो जाता है ।

तो इस प्रकार कोई कहे मानव शरीर मे कितना Bone होता है तो आप दोनों तरह से अच्छे से बता पाएगे । पूरे शरीर के bone को दो भाग मे बटा गया है । तो आइये जानते है ।

How many part of bone in human being of skeletal system

मानव शरीर मे Bone को दो भागो मे बाटा गया है तो आइये देखते है ।

  1. Axial skeleton- इस part मे total 80 bone होती है जो कुछ इस प्रकार है नीचे देखे । 
  • Skull -22 Bone – इसमे भी दो भाग होता है
  1. Cranium bone – 8
  2. Face -14
  • Hyoid bone – 1
  • Sternum bone -1
  • Ribs 12 pair (12+12)
  • Vertebral column- 26 या 33
  • Ear ossicles 3 pair (3+3)
  1. 2.Appendicular skeleton इस part मे total 126  bone होती है जो कुछ इस प्रकार है नीचे देखे ।
  • Girdle
  1. Pectoral Girdle 2 pair (2+2) जिसका नाम  clavicles and  scapula होता है । दोनों तरफ 2- 2 होता है ।
  2. Pelvic Girdle 2  (1+1) होता है 1-1 दोनों तरफ होता है ।
  • Limb Bone or forelimb 30 x 2 =60 Bone इसके अंतर्गत इस प्रकार की bone होती है नीचे देखे
  1. Humerus bone – 1
  2. Radius bone -1
  3. Ulna bone -1
  4. Carpus bone -8
  5. Metacarpus bone – 5
  6. Phalanges bone – 14

ये Upper Limb मे होता है और ये दोनों तरफ मिलाकर 60 total bone होता है (30+30)

  • Hind Limb or Lower Limb 30 x 2 =60 Bone इसके अंतर्गत इस प्रकार की bone होती है नीचे देखे
  1. Femur bone – 1
  2. Patella bone – 1
  3. Tibia bone – 1
  4. Fibula bone -1
  5. Tarsals bone – 7
  6. Metatarsals bone – 5
  7. Phalanges bone -14

ये Lower or Hind Limb मे होता है और ये दोनों तरफ मिलाकर 60 total bone होता है (30+30)

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Axial Endoskeleton-Endoskeleton of Head Cranium -Brain Box

Axial skeleton Head of Cranium Bone के आनर्तगत 8 bone होते है नीचे देखे under the Skull 

  1. Frontal bone – 1
  2. Partial  bone -2
  3. Temporal bone -2
  4. Occipital bone -1
  5. Sphenoid bone – 1
  6. Ethenoid bone -1 (Butterfly bone)

Axial skeleton Head of Face Bone के आनर्तगत 14 bone होते है नीचे देखे under the Skull 

  1. Zygomatic bone -2
  2. Maxilla bone (Upper jaw) -2
  3. Mandible(Lowe Jaw) -1
  4. Nasal concha bone -2 (also called Turbinate)
  5. Vomer bone-1
  6. Palatine bone -2
  7. Lacrimal bone-2 (Hint- under the Nose )
  8. Nasal bone -2

उपरोक्त face मे सभी 14 bone के नाम यही होते है ।

Details in Particular bone of Skeletal System

  • Hyoid bone– Tongue bone suspended in neck region tongue muscles attached .
  • Sternum bone – It is also known as Breast bone. It is 17 cm or 7 inch long.
  1. Prosternum or manubrium bone- It is strongest and thickest part of sternum bone.
  2. Mesostrnum bone or Middle Body- It is 2 to 6 pair of articulate .
  3. Metasternum or xiphoid sternum – It is 7 pair of Ribs (Join)
  • Ribs-  It iis 12 pair of ribs from thoracic ,bicephalic ribs – Head of Ribs articulate and posterior end of rib sternum.
  1. True Ribs- It is 1 to 7 pair
  2. False Ribs- It is 8,9 and 10 pair (ventral part of rib) articulate with chondral part of 7 pair ribs.
  3. Floting Ribs- It is 11 and 12 (Part in nature )
  • Vertebrae –It is 26 Vertebral column arrange in string like manner .
  1. Cervical 7 ,thorax-12 ,Lumber -5, Sacrum 1/5, Coccys  1/4 ,Tail .
  2. Vertebrae-…………………..


Lumber strongest and heavy Vertebrae

  • Ear ossicles- malleusincus, and stapes (Smallest bone of body)
Skeletal System
Skeletal System

Appendicular skeleton of human being Skeletal System

  • Girdle – Pectoral Girdle
  1. Clavicles- Collarbone eraticulater and
  2. Ccapula –Solder blade ,triangular ,flat bone.It has long acromion  process  articulate with……………articulate the head of humerus .
  3. Pelvic Girdle or Hip Girdle-Coxal innominate ilium …………………

Acetabulum – It is Cup like Cavity articulate head of femur…………………………….

  • Limb Bone or forelimb-Humerus bone
  1. Radial and ulna
  2. Carpus bone (4+4),Metacarpus bone-(5) and Phalanges bone digit (17)
  • Hind Limb- Femur
  1. Tarsals bone -3+4
  2. Metatarsals bone– Solder instep -5
  3. Phalanges bone-Toes (2+3+3+3+3)
  4. Knee cap or Patella bone -1

Joint – Articulate or join two bone and study in ……………………….

  • Fixed Joint- Synarthrosis fibrus join /immovable join.Its join fused. Strong collagen fiber present in join……….
  • Skull join ,teeth in socket .
  • Cartilaginous Joint-The bone involved are jointed together with the help of cartilages.
  • Synovial joint- Perfect join with permit locomotion and other movement
  1. Ball and socket joint– Between humerus and pectoral girdle. Example- Solder joint and Hip Joint .
  2. Hinge Joint- L bo join and knee join, intercarpal joint  between incus and steps.
  3. Pivot joint- Between  atlas and axis joint (Rotational )Head with Vertebral column.
  4. Saddle joint- Between carpal and Metatarsals ,Phalanges join (Thumb Join)
  5. Gliding  joint –Joint between Carpus,Tarsals Vertebrae.





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