Waves definition and types :Physics

Waves definition and types :Physic

Waves are defined as the kind of disturbance (Energy flow),which flow of one point an other point .Due to required acceleration a particles with actual flow of matter .

Example-Stone drop in water from travels wave on the surface.

Flow of water on the sea breeze is false because of particle are flow of matter.(not say wave ).

Characteristic of wave motion

  • The flow of  wave is a actually the flow of energy without actually flow of particles .
  • Energy id provided by the source doing oscillatory motion .
  • The velocity with which the wave travels is different to that of velocity at which the particles oscillates.
  • Particle velocity is a variable but wave velocity is remain constant .
  • There is a regular phase different between any two particles in wave motion .

Types of waves

  • Type of wave on the basic of Medium 
  1. Mechanical
  2. Non-Mechanical

Mechanical- which is required to the medium .Example  – Sound wave

Non-Mechanical – No required medium  .Example -Light (because of no required to travel) ,String wave

  • Type of wave On the basic of particle velocity 
  1. Transverse velocity
  2. Longitudinal velocity

Transverse velocity –When particle velocity is perpendicular to wave velocity there are called transverse wave .

Example- Light and String wave

transverse wave
transverse wave

Longitudinal velocity-When particle velocity is along(parallel or anti parallel ) the wave velocity there are called longitudinal wave .

Example – Sound wave and seismic wave

Compensation and rarefaction are formed

String wave –Mechanical and transverse(medium )

Properties of medium –Required to travel mechanical wave .

Medium-mechanical – for three required properties

  1. Elasticity (Potential energy to stored )
  2. Inertia (Kinetic energy to stored )
  3. Friction

Mechanical transverse wave required change shape and size of medium hence ,medium is should be elastic .So,that technical transverse wave can traveling it .

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Why does not travels wave term on the surface of the water not in side the surface because due to elasticity at the surface due to surface tension .

Wave length- By the time the source complete one four (Center to up and up to center ,Center to down ,down to Center ) full oscillation ,the distance travels by the wave in this time is called the wave length.

Wave length
Wave length

Lambda –When source start Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) the wave form is called as simple harmonic  progressive(flow in front) wave.

Maximum displacement of particle is called as Amplitude .

Note –All the particles having same amplitude in a simple harmonic progressive wave .

Time Period –Time taken to complete are one cycle (Center to up and up to center ,Center to down ,down to Center ) complete oscillation .

Effect of change of medium –By changing medium velocity and wave length changes but frequency does not. Because it is the frequency of source .


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