Anatomy MCQs 2021-2022

Anatomy MCQs 2021-2022

Anatomy MCQs

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1. Special feature of  the cervical vertebrae


2. Special feature the thoracic vertebrae:


3. Sesamoid bone is:


4. In the formation of the skeleton of the thorax are not involved


5. Multiaxial joint is:


6. True ribs are:


7. False ribs are:


8. Physiological spinal curvatures:


9. True ribs are:


10. The skeleton of the free upper limb includes:


11. Humerus has no:


12. Part of the elbow bone:


13. Bone of the distal row of bones of the wrist is:


14. Bone of the proximal row of bones of the wrist is:


15. Part of the femur:


16. Part of  the tibia:


17. Bone is  in the proximal row of tarsus:


18. Bone is  in the distal row of tarsum:


19. Foramen of the posterior cranial fossa:


20. Foramen of the middle cranial fossa:


21. The orbit is not connected with:


22. The pterygopalatine fossa connects with the nasal cavity by:


23. Foramen rotundum connects the middle cranial fossa with:


24. Pterygoid canal connects  pterygopalatine fossa with:


25. Complex joint is:


26. Simple joint is:


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